Project srl, always at the forefront of IT systems for service companies, will make new software available to its customers at the end of the year that will help reduce the time required for the preparation of tenders and project specifications. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the system will analyze all tender documents and will be able to recommend, based on the skills possessed by the company, which competitions can be held and which cannot. For those tenders in which it is not possible to participate, any PARTNERS in association that possess them will be indicated in order to thus be able to participate with other companies. The next step will be to be able to automatically create a project specification to be presented to the contracting authority. Through artificial intelligence we aim to reduce analysis and race preparation times by 50%, thus also avoiding many human errors. You will no longer have to read the tender notice because the A.I. it will do it for the man by making only a summary of the documents to be prepared. Once this is done, we will move on to phase 2 of the economic calculation where our software already operates in an exceptional way. The tender office will be radically transformed through this digitalization and will never be the same again. As a further feature, the I.A., will automatically propose in the following months / years indications on any competitions in which to participate (and which previously would have been prohibitive) if in the meantime the company skills had changed.

Gare d'Appalto

Software for tenders allows you to develop sophisticated budgets for public entities but also for offices and small companies. Inside it is possible to find 2500 yields of cleaning firms processed by 20-years-experienced companies in the sector.

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Gestione Rifiuti

The software that we introduce manages any waste materials and their disposal, household waste, USED, SPECIAL, TOXIC AND HARMFUL OILS. As below an example of utilization of our software for waste materials.

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Rilevazione Presenze

Attendance detection is one of the main points for a service company, as a good check of attendances allows to reach these following aims: Optimizing the time that the operators utilize saving money but in particular optimizing your time

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Controllo di Gestione

Management control is a powerful tool that allows you to enter into the folds of the balance, extract data and divide them into subsections that, read individually, allow you to understand the real trend of your company.

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Analisi di Bilancio

The financial statement activity providing the extraction and the incorporation of the balance data through formulas with which it is possible to carry out surveys to get information about the management and the company

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