Attendance of staff



Attendance detection is one of the main points for a service company, as a good check of attendances allows to reach these following aims: Optimizing the time that the operators utilize saving money, but in particular optimizing your time means doing the same quantity of operations in a less quantity of time, and so get the opportunity to work with more quality and to be more competitive coping with the competition.

Typologies of time that have to be monitored by an attendance detection system are several:

Project attendance detection allows to monitor all these times and to check the incidence of “downtime” in comparison with real work time and so to have the performance of the worker. Project provides you indeed with several equipments for the attendance detection:

In Project opinion, Android APP will be the immediate future of next two years, as it has an excellent flexibility and it allows a very complete costumization. Thanks to an APP we do indeed:

The applications where it is necessary to detecte attendances are several – cleaning companies, construction companies, elderly care, firms provinding labour, assembly lines where monitoring processing times, and so on.

For the companies where the staff falls by 80%, it is of vital importance to carry out a correct attendance detection, as even a 3-4% variance on expected time means losing and not getting the bet.

Besides, after detecting attendances, Project provides you for excellent tools to link your own database with payroll softwares of all labour consultants’ studies being on the market, so that you can utilize them to get payrolls as supported by a powerful managing of the attendance register.

The tools that Project provides you are countless to meet the requirements of the market. Let’s see them into details.