Access control through facial recognition

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Access control through facial recognition

This tool is a 100% safe alternative when, in addition to the presence detection, it is necessary to give certainty of the access of authorized persons. Very useful on external sites, this tool solves some known problems. For example:

This technology beats fingerprint technology as far as safety is concerned, since the normal biometric fingerprint detectors need to memorize the fingerprint inside the stamper before being able to recognize it. Then a tool containing the various fingerprints is left on the site. If this tool is stolen at the same time, the imprints contained therein are stolen, which could be used at times very dangerous.

Our facial recognition technology is not invasive. Here we know it happens to the practical acts:

  1. The worker goes to the company for recruitment and at the same time his face is scanned with the screening technology, that is to say that “strategic” points are detected on the face that allow him to be recognized. So in fact, in the company database that resides on a CLOUD, only the coordinates are stored as longitude-latitude and not the face. The cloud is protected with the UE security rules of May 25th 2018 requires.
  2. The worker goes to the workplace and before entering shows the face in front of the detector. An App again performs, with the same algorithm, the mapping of the points of the face and compares them with those stored in the database in CLOUD.
  3. If the face is recognized then the work start time will be sent to the work site. If it is not recognized, a security code is requested that the worker must ask the company at the moment of entering the service. This can happen for replacements for example.
  4. The same thing happens when the service ends.

Last but not least, the data sent (entry, exit, employee name, site where the stamp was made, etc.) can also be interrogated by other software so that if the company already owns a staff management software should not change it but use our tool only for the detection of schedules.

The potential that this tool offers and the very high degree of security, we can say that Facial Recognition of our company is a solution that today is winning on any other site-time technology.