GEO, attendance on GSM

GEO, attendance on GSM


GEO, attendance on GSM
In a post-industrial economy like the Italian one, just 80% of GDP is formed by services, whose a lot of them request outside activities and consequently a greater and greater "mobility" of the personnel on the territory.

The need to rationalize in the best way time and staff dedicated to these activities makes it clear the exigency to be correctly registered. GEO has been projected for this. It registers data for their following processing in a reliable, simply, economical and safe way.

Into its various configurations, GEO is installable on the wall and can be utilized as palmtop computer, allowing to check mobile activities (i.e. maintenance activities by third parties). When it is installed on the wall, it is possible the check of attendances in a fixed remote seat (i.e. a yard).

GEO a terminal of attendance detection and control based on the technology RFID: when an identification card is read, a record with card data and those of registration time is generated inside.
These data can be saved in the terminal memory – highly reliable - in order to be read by a PC in a later time or they can be directly sent to the office through GPRS.
GEO palm: is the portable version with data registration in memory
GEO gprs: is the version with data transmission in GPRS

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Functional and technical characteristics: