Localizzami, geolocation attendance

Localizzami, geolocation attendance


Localizzami is an integrated satellite system allowing you to support from head office all moving staff and to follow goods during its way.
With this system it is possible to know, in real time, not only the position of the means, but also that of people and goods that are inside.
Besides you can calculate all consumptions of transfers, vehicle stops and starts.

Localizzami can receive the position of vehicles through GSM or GPRS (also off-line with direct connection by cable). Data imported from GPS will be sent to the head office assure safety of transmission and covering on the national and international territory. GPS is highly reliable and precise, assuring the display of the exact location of the vehicle through satellite signals.

Composition and characteristics of the system:

localizzami, localizzazione satellitare via gsm e gprs

Where it can be installed
Cars, vans, tractors, semitrailers, earthmoving machineries, mobile cases, containers, buses, taxis, railways carriages, motorcycles, watercrafts.

Data transmission system
The data transmission system of units installed on the vehicle are:

The system has a 1-year guarantee from the date of purchase. In the guarantee period some possible technical interventions for problems and/or programme errors, both in tele-assistence and on-line, will be solved with no costs for the customer.