Attendance QRcode with Smartphone

Attendance QRcode with Smartphone

Attendance QRcode with Smartphone

PROJECT Mobile - It is the extraordinary solution allowing you to detect your employees in mobility, in a simple and safe way. Through an Android smartphone, your employees will have to record, during their first access, the IMEI telephone code on the display. From this moment, in order to send the stamping to the system, a simple click will be enough to allow to the APP to send place, time, action, picture just taken and the real position. This is the real management of the ATTENDANCE DETECTION.

Our APP is so flexible that it fits in countless situations. For example, as for the OUTSOURCING ACCOMODATION service, our APP is a tool whose the companies carrying out services in any hotels do not do without it. You can monitor the rooms made (in real time), DETECT ATTENDANCES, count the line changes, know if the minibars of the different rooms have been stocked and in case if Halls, Kitchens and/or other rooms. In the field of the ACCOMODATION OUTSOURCING our APP gives its best.

We operate also in the fields of maintenance, for example. How many times did the employees carrying out any MAINTENANCE (Boilers, Lifts, Extinguishers, special Cleaning, etc.) have the necessity to be informed about the charges or the company have the need to monitor the movings and if some work has been carried out or not. Project Mobile satisfies also this requirements, as our APP communicates with the office. From the headquarters, you can send the charges to the employees working outside to inform them about a work to do, sending all necessary data. So the employee, seeing his charge on the display of the telephone, can go to the place indicated and carry out the activities given to him, simply looking at his phone (after speaking and agreeing with his company, of course).

And what can we say about all those such delicate activities, as the assistance for old people to be effected directly where it needs?. And so on. The fields of application are countless. So, in every field where the "ATTENDANCE DETECTION" lord it.

As a conclusion, PROJECT Mobile is 360-degree solution to manage the staff working outside. Here as it follows, we mention some fields of application:

A very important technical aspect of PROJECT Mobile is that it can work also without SIM inside the telephone. In case of absence of SIM, our APP memorizes all data and, as soon as it is possible the connection to WI-FI system, they will be sent to the SERVER through a synchrony. In this way any telephone charges will be canceled.

We can pass now to examine some technical data. Our APP has got 3 ways to detect the place:

This allows you that our APP can be utilized by anyone, both people working in special yards, where there is no TAG, and in normal yards. When you select the way of utilisation, the APP open the starting menu of the activities and send to the company the signal that the employee has started with his job. If in the telephone there is no SIM, the APP memorizes the data in the telephone and, through the first connection, it will send the message.

When the employee enters the place where he has to carry out the service, he will see the menu allowing him to choose what operation he is effecting, besides those already given.

It is very important to say that the menu is totally “customizable”. This allows you to use our APP for several activities:

When the activity is finished and you close your intervention, the APP ask you if you want to add further notes signalising particular works not existing in the menu of the APP. Closing the intervention, you will pass to the next step, where the system will ask you if you want to take another picture. If so, the CAM of the telephone will start. After taking the picture, these pieces of information will be sent to the server:

The company will display on the server the charges through different colours (see example below):

All data collected are exportable into any of third parts, thanks to the possibility to customize totally the exportation tracking.