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Managing the business through the Internet

Project has combined the versatility of the managerial control system Serdata with the speed of Internet, in favour of a more and more qualified and efficient service

Giulia Ferri

Which is the return of this yard? It is in credit, balanced or in debit? What manager or entrepreneur is able to answer, with absolute precision and not vaguely, to a similar question? This is a question that a careful manager should always ask himself, in order to really have at hand the situation of his own business.
In order to answer to a similar question, extending it to the whole range of yards, it is necessary to consider various factors, i.e. the number of employees and their possible turnover, the situation of warehouse, both of yard and head office, the condition of equipments and, generally, of all it is required to a careful management.

sowtware gestione azienda Naturally, a cleaning firm is composed by numerous components, linked each other interdependently, and this aspect has to be carefully.
Project, young and dynamic company of computer design situated in Brescia, has developed, since about ten years, control system by computer, allowing to manage any cleaning firm in every aspect and in the most careful and precise way. Serdata - this is the name of this system - is a valid help that allows to operate with precision and exactitude, always keeping all numbers of the company on file.
Suitably planned for cleaning firms, starting from real situations, Serdata has been conceived for modules, in order to adapt it progressively to different and specific demands of the market and it give the possibility also to the smallest company to begin with the most suitable module, inserting subsequently the others.

Setting up a yard, the most delicate phase is the drawing up of work plans, with the assignation of departments and working hours to each single employee, with turnover and possible substitutions.
The first module of Serdata allows to manage in an optimum condition this phase. You only have to insert in your computer employees’ personal data, working hours and days. The programme manages an unlimited number of yards. Serdata, automatically, develops month after month inserted data, separating festivities, overtime work during working and non-working days, according to what loaded in the programme. The operator will simply have to launch the function "Month updating", specifying the month in hand, and in a few seconds you will have the estimated situation about all employees’ activity in that month. The whole phase is automatic and it allows a daily, weekly or monthly analysis of estimated working hours for contracted services.

Implementing the system and importing in the second module the data of the first one, all production data will be automatically converted in economic values in order to verify the profitability of each single yard (and consequently answer to the opening question). Saving 70% of time in comparison with traditional operations, Serdata provides reports concerning ordinary and temporary manpower cost, including absence incidences.
Adding material, equipments, and fuel costs, incidences for administration and commercial management, you will get the precise trend of the month, the average price of cost and sale.
In this way, it will be simple to calculate the margin of real contribution and to analyse how much ask for a certain service.

Through the third Serdata module, it is possible to realize in a few minutes different typologies of offers, proposing dozens of solutions, modifying at will values forming the offer itself. Besides, Serdata can give a precise picture of all services, according to their periodicity, recalling the initial budget with hours, materials and equipments.
Each document is then filed and can be recalled in any moment for comparisons and statistics.

Basic modules are customizable and suitable according to the real needs of business.
Besides, you can implement them with further elements allowing you to invoice, be informed about equipments location and their utilization, to carry out statistics and to present your documents with ad hoc forms.
Serdata is a constantly evolving system, updated according to new exigencies and agreeing with suggestions coming from whom practically utilizes it.
What it only needs is the constant updating of the data.
This operation often can be a problem, in the case you have to manage various yards at the same time.
There are some periods of the month in which the flow of information to load in the system soars.
If all data are managed in the head office, you run the risk to have delays in the fulfillment of operations.
All would be easier if the updating was carried out directly on-site, i.e. in each single yard.
Today this is possible, as Serdata has been put in a position to interact by Internet.
Providing foremen of personal computers of palmtop computers acting with the main office computer, it is possible to make flow all data, updated in real time, to the heart of system.
Main office computer saves and processes them immediately, saving a lot of time.

sowtware controllo personale From the yards, it is possible to make flow to the head office all pieces of information concerning attendances, employees’ paid working hours, lying goods, supplies and so on.
And more, Internet allows to start a retention of customer loyalty, based on clearness and trust.
It is possible, in fact, to give the access to the customer for some data, as, for example, those concerning the team operating in the yard, possible substitutions and skills of each employee.
This is a way to maintain always alive the communication between supplier and customer and in real terms it makes feel the customer the centre of attention.
Among more than 200 cleaning firms that have chosen Serdata, Colaser, a cooperative specialized into civil cleaning operating since 1975 and that among its customers even mentions the Chamber of Deputees, is an example of the flexibility of the system and adjustable to internal procedures, also about quality system.
«Colaser - the administrative manager Francesco Fedele says,- due to the complexity of business, needed a managerial system simplifying a certain type of work requesting a staff and time that not always can be borne from the company.
When we saw at work Serdata, especially created for cleaning firms, we realized that entries of software coincided exactly with our entries, and so we decided to adopt it.
Project, that produces the system, turned out a very willing company to accept our comments and to make necessary changes.
So, we can say that we are borne together.
Today, with Serdata we are able to draw up a budget, from the point of view both quantitative and values. We carry out the planning of staff, we follow all procedures and our yards are constantly monitored. Besides, we can indicate to the customer monthly, fortnightly or weekly planning, separating hours and with the precise indication of employees.
As for business aspect, we manage all variables of manpower, warehouse and customer.
And then tank to Internet, the greater part of work is hived off and so carried out in real time.
We always know what happens, in every yard.
And this is a big help for our business.