, detection and control of employee presences



The possibility to present information variously is one of the characteristics that Serdata allows to get, as it combines information of different forms with a wide variety of forms.

The forms are customable and it is possible to export or to import modules from other applications through functions copy and paste of new operative systems. The most sensational news consists into the possibility to manage forms ISO 9001/VISIO.
These regulations fix that results and business procedures are detailed through particular forms. Serdata is the forefront in this field as it provides the utilization in union of attendances data, estimations and warehouse, with suitable forms. ISO 9001/VISIO part will have in the next future a further development to cover all range of information that regulations required, as it is the latest one in the sector of forms.

Forms that Serdata can provide are the following:

Staff management



Staff training


Yard management

Business documents

Self-analysis and control of quality system