Simulator estimates for cleaning floors

Simulator estimates for cleaning floors


How many times did you stay in the reign of indecision for an offer to present because of the price to request for the cleaning plans development? Checks and rechecks to verify if something has been forgotten, and you remain in the office often until late. With our system Serdata we do not expert to offer the magic solution to win a competition in the cleaning plans development.
But certainly it finds a solution for many problems in cleaning plans development. First of all, the simulation of cleaning plans - in a few minutes you can test dozens of solutions modifying values of cleaning plans at wish.

At the end, the precisions of calculations for cleaning plans - and the computer is not subject to fatigue. The choice is yours - you can calculate for cleaning plans development according to sq.m. or only of hours. From the other modules you get all necessary data about business situation and not only about cleaning plans, so you can choose with precision your hourly rate that you will offer for your cleaning plans.

At last, a detailed report about cleaning development plans will give you the initial budget with hours, materials and equipments, separating all cleaning development plans services according to their frequency.

All perfectly filed into cleaning plans and recallable in any moment to compare different offers and statistics about cleaning plans. In this phase also Serdata allows you to save time by 70% in the general organization and in the cleaning development plans.